GROOOPS TECHNOLOGIES is an information technology company that provides IT solutions for businesses. It has 15 years of experience in rendering and providing professional application, web development, mobile apps and custom software development across Region


We build WordPress website, customize website, e-commerce/woocommerce, marketplace e-commerce,


Custom build mobile application, enterprise solution which cater to your business. 


Capabilities to handle high-volume, repeatable tasks that is perform by human. OCTOBOT can be easily programmed to do basic tasks across applications just as human workers do. The software robot can be taught a workflow with multiple steps and applications, such as taking received forms, sending a receipt message, checking the form for completeness, filing the form in a folder and updating a spreadsheet with the name of the form, the date filed, and so on. RPA software is designed to reduce the burden of repetitive, simple tasks on employees


Sales representatives can perform quick order taking and access the complete customer database and register new customers. Representatives only have access to their own customers with their personal login credentials. Able to create order out of office, on the spot with client, load customer-specific price lists and let customers sign the order/receives items on mobile device.

Mobile App Development

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Web / Windows Application Customization

E-Commerce Solution

Internet Of Things (IIOT)

Corporate Solution

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